Working with me

Empowerment Life Coaching

Trauma Recovery Coach

So many people get lost in their experiences, especially the challenging ones. You forget what it’s like to feel free from the burden of a traumatic experience, every minute of the day.

How deeply rooted you are in this cycle can be difficult to see from the inside, because you are deep within it. It takes someone from the outside to gently guide you out and show you, remind you of what emotional freedom really feels like.

Everyone deserves to feel free. Everyone deserves the opportunity to step into the light. Allow me to guide you on your healing journey.

womens circle support group

Women's Circles and Events

To support and honour each woman's journey, I offer workshops, gatherings and events to empower and nurture healing.

The circles I create are a potent ritual that allow women to nurture and reconnect to their energy centre. 

Together we share our stories with women who have walked the same path. We reflect deeply on our experiences, tune into what we need to feel nourished and celebrate the journey of life.

Funeral End of Life Celebrant Rituals

End of Life Ceremonies

Every life deserves to be celebrated in a special way.  Every family deserves a mourning experience that is deeply significant.

As a End of Life Celebrant, I create ceremonies that commemorate, celebrate and tell the story of your loved one.

Creating happiness amid bereavement is a high calling; one that speaks to me on a soul level.  

"You just need to get over it"

How many times have you heard this statement in your life?  People think trauma is just a bad memory.  It is easy to get triggered and suddenly you are falling apart.  

Working with Pam can help you achieve:

  • freedom from feeling overwhelmed 
  • relief from worry and anxiety
  • inclusion - realising you're not alone
  • moving beyond grieving loss 
  • greater sense of self-love and worth
  • liberation from shame
  • freedom from destructive coping mechanisms 
  • hope for your future