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Pregnancy Loss | Stillbirth | Sacral Trauma

A community of hope for women healing from miscarriage, pregnancy loss, stillbirth and sexual trauma.

Sacral Trauma

Body shame, sexual violence, sexual dysfunction, toxic relationships, miscarriage and traumatic birthing experiences can restrict the life force energy flowing through us.  

Traumatic early and audit life experiences can trigger physical, emotional, psychological and interpersonal issues.  Healing from sacral trauma starts with reconnecting with yourself.

Welcome to your next chapter

It's no secret—I love my work! The real satisfaction comes from witnessing women heal from sacral trauma . You can find more info about everything I offer, here. Let's discover what I can do for you!

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My Story

Behind every person, lies a true story. Want to know more about who I am? Or how Womb Whispers came to life? Let me take you on a journey that’s been anything but ordinary.

I have been walking a journey of pain and suffering for almost 30 years.  I have experienced sexual violence and mourned the loss of my father in my childhood years.  I have experienced countless miscarriages and given birth to a stillborn child.  I have searched out of myself for love and validation rather than listening to my soul whispers.

Yet amidst the suffering, something remarkable happened, I experienced hope and turned my pain into purpose.   Womb Whispers has been loving created for YOU to heal from trauma, honour your journey and find hope for your future.


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